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Effects of Detoxin

Cure and lessen all the bad effects of intoxication
Bad effects of some of the intoxicant are as follows wich are cured by Detoxin.

Smoking / Chewing Tobacco
Increase in serum uric acid, LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, hypoproteinaemia, lung and respiratory problems, low immunity, poor sexual response and CANCER.

Enlarged malfunction of liver and cirrhosis of liver,impaird thyroid function, hypertrophy of ventricle of brain and cerebral sulci, impaired Thematic apperception test (TAT), impaired intelligence, impaired cognitive function, depersonalization, poor nerve resp.

Loss of appetite, enlargement of liver, hyperglycaemia, high blood urea, hypoproteinaemia, impaired mental ability, abnormal EEG patterns and behavioural disorders.

Abnormal kidney function, hypoproteinaemia, serum porphyria, inhibition of gastric secretion, low blood pressure, impaired mental ability, loss of memory and concentration, diminished REM activity, increase in metabolic rate of brain and abnormal EEG patterns.

Enlargment of liver, impaired kidney and liver functions, high thymol turbidity, increased metabolic rate of brain and other abnormal EEG patterns, behavioural disorders,poor nerve onse/reaction time.