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Research Work Done

To assess the detoxification efficacy, these medicines were subjected to animal trials and thoroughly tested upon animals of various species for different intoxicants such as :
Alcohol and opiate dugs

At first, these medicines were tested for dependence of alcohol in monkeys. In the begining, experimental neurosis was developed in monkeys by producing neurotogenic trauma in them They were served food; and a rubber snake was concealed in their food. While eating, they saw the rubber snake in their food.They got agitated and the meal.. Due to repetition of this condition, neurosis developed in them. Then, they were given 1.5 ml/kg (body weight) alcohol. This dose of alcohol disintegrated the neurotic complex. Neurotic monkeys, when mildly intoxicated, started eating. After experiencing relief from neurotic tension, they preferred taking some alcohol before meals; otherwise, they were unable to take food. Hence, addiction to alcohol developed in them.These monkeys were divided into two groups. One group was given Detoxin and the other group was given Placebo with following results:

Group treated withNo. of monkeys treatedNo. of monkeys resumed eating without alcoholNo. of monkeys resumed eating but less without alcoholNo. of monkeys did not resume


For this experiment, samples of 20 cats were taken. They were given Sodium Barbital 95 mg/kg (body weight) two times daily and this dose was increased gradually, until the dose level of Sodium Barbital reached to 200 mg/kg in 180 days. Then, these cats were divided into two groups and were deprived of Sodium Barbital. Thereafter, one group was given Detoxinand Placebo was given to the other group. Following results observed:

Group treated withNo. of catsStrong seizures occurred inMild seizures occurred inseizure occurred in

Clinical Trial
192 cases of addicts of various types were studied. Directly administering Detoxinto the control group was not considered necessary as Placebo effect gets nullified while testing the potencies. Moreover, each potency of Detoxincan not suit to a person. Had there been placebo effects, each potency of Detoxinwould suit. This study of 192 cases was conducted for 1 year. The Observations are as follows


Below 20 yrs.21-30 yrs.31-40 yrs.41-50 yrs.51-60 yrs.Above 60 yrs.

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